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"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
John Doe

Loving Our Community 2019

While intentional outreaches are great and wonderful, I feel that our ultimate desire should be to have our minds renewed in such a way that showing Jesus people around in love and power becomes a normal lifestyle.  We should BECOME the outreach.  


We need to realize that WE ARE walking encounters and divine appointments for people around us every single day. There are many misconceptions about evangelism, including the idea that only the evangelist or “special evangelistic, outgoing” personality types are supposed to go out and witness. Jesus said that EVERY BELIEVER would BE His witness. Every single person who is called a believer is called to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth and share the gospel.


Jesus said that He would MAKE the disciples “fishers of men.” When you hang around Jesus and can’t help but catch His heart and love for people. Jesus makes us qualified as ambassadors of the kingdom and we are chosen and appointed by Him.

A Simple Objective

Loving Our Community Outreaches have a simple objective: Get people to GO out and find somebody to LOVE.  We can over overcomplicate evangelism that we end up disqualifying and psyching ourselves out before we even begin!  Consider this.  The man possessed by the legion of demons in Mark 5 experienced an incredible deliverance; however, Jesus instead of having Him come alongside Him and join His ministry, commissoned this formerly demon-possessed man and told Him to GO and TELL of all the great things that God had done for Him!  Jesus’ qualification for a witness simply seems to be: Somebody who has had an genuine life-changing encounter with God and His presence.  If a freshly delivered demoniac qualifies as a witness for Jesus Christ, then I believe we all do!  


How does this look?

Evangelism is more about the heart than anything else.  First and foremost, the most important thing is to catch God’s heart of love for people in the secret place.  If we ask and spend time with Him, then He will give it to us.  Love is the key, because perfect love will cast out any and all fear.  Evangelism is not a formula.  I believe that the simpler it is kept the better.  There can we some minor briefing before and outreach (as well as a team debriefing afterwards), but the point is that we want to unite as a church and GO.  Groups no larger than 4 would probably ideal and it would be a good idea for each group to have a mix of people (i.e. two girls, two guys, younger and older etc..).  Those who feel more comfortable or have some experience praying for people/ministering in public etc, could be potential leaders in the beginning.  

Different Approaches

Like it has been stated, evangelism is not necessarily one size fits all formula or equation. Evangelism is about loving and honoring ALL people where they’re currently at spiritually, and using our kingdom resources and access to serve them so that they can encounter Jesus for themselves. People are all in different conditions spiritually and people have different personalities. People are unique as invididuals and loved uniquely by God. Therefore, we need to rely on the Holy Spirit and ask, “Lord, what is the best way for me to love this person right now?”

Ideas include:

encouraging words

At the Malls or Shopping:  Go to the mall or shopping like you normally would.  Find people and say, “Hey, we’re practicing giving encouraging words from God at our church. Could we practice with you?” 

Offer to Help

Asking shop owners if we could just bless them and pray that they’d prosper.  Offering to serve people in some way can lead into spiritual conversations. 

Offer Prayer

Walk up in somebody and say, “We’re just walking around town looking for people to pray for.  What can we pray for you about?  Do you have any pain or sickness? What about any family or relational needs?  Do you need a job or finances?  We’ll pray for anything.”   

Most people will say something like, “No, I’m good.”  If so, you can follow up by asking, “Well, could I just pray a prayer of blessing for you right now?”  This is a good, direct approach to evangelism.  

Public Transportation

Buses and bus stops are a great place to evangelize because people don’t have much do while they’re waiting. For instance, you could pray, “Lord, if You wanted to use me to speak to that person across from me, what would You say?”  Then approach the person and say, “You might think I’m the crazy person on the bus or something, but I think God has given me some pictures for you, and I want to share with you what I’m hearing.”  

Glory Zones

Pray together before going to a mall or public place and bid the presence of the Lord to come to the area where they will be gathered. Pray that the presence of the Lord will be so strong that anyone entering the space will sense it or come under such conviction they will ask what is going on. Remember that you must carry His glory in order to bring it. It’s necessary that we practice a lifestyle of worship, soaking, and intimacy with the Lord.


Creatively use your hobbies to engage people.  A lot of times, if you can build rapport and engage naturally with people, then they will open up to what you have to say.  John Maxwell said, “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”

Treasure Hunting

Ask the Holy Spirit for specific clues as to who He wants to minister to in the community.  Create a treasure map, then go out into the community and find the treasures (i.e. people).

Interviewing People

In a genuine and non-judgemental loving way, ask people if they’d ever experienced God or believe in prayer. Stir up spiritual conversations about faith (without getting into an argument or debate). Ask people, “Can we pray for you right now, ask God to show up and see what happens?”

Dream Booths

“Spiritual Reading” and Dream Interpretation Booths: Assemble a team of prophetic believers that hear God accurately and can assist in listening to guests in a nonreligous, non-judgemental fashion.  

Pray beforehand and ask God for the interpretations to people’s dreams (like Joseph and Daniel) so that they may know Jesus.


The key to successful evangelism

Being personally filled with the Holy Spirit is the key to any successful evangelism or outreach. Jesus told the disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit before they went out and did anything. They needed to get plugged into the power source. The Holy Spirit IS the power that we need for evangelism and everything else. 

We must:

  • Get to know the Holy Spirit
  • Recognize our need for the Holy Spirit
  • Hunger and Thirst for the Holy Spirit
  • Surrender our control to the Holy Spirit
  • Check our motives and hearts
  • Ask in Faith and Receive

We have encounters with God so that we can BECOME an encounter to somebody else. 

Christ, the hope of glory, is in us, and He wants out!


BECOME an encounter
to somebody else.

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