The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand

Our vision

Each time we gather, our objective is to leave as better men then from the time we arrived.

We are stronger when we stand together in unity before Christ. And as we seek His Kingdom together, His Righteousness enhances our integrity and character.

We maintain our Focus on Jesus and exercise our ears to hear His Direction.

Our Mission

We seek to draw out the Kingdom of God within each other and encourage creative, meaningful and effective expressions of God’s Love for our families, church, and ministries via the following objectives:

  • To Grow together in God’s strength and honor (including mentor-ship)
  • To Develop, Plan and Coordinate Events and Activities that “sharpens the iron” of Godly Men.
  • To Mentor Young Men to become strong Leaders in the Church and in the World.
  • To Maintain freedom in fellowship (around the fire of the BBQ) via a free and open environment for men of all walks to voice their concerns and issues without dominating or disabling the agenda and purpose of the Men’s Gathering Events.
  • To properly integrate with other ministries within the local Body (like the Women’s fellowship, Children, Youth, and other programs) as well as other ministries and churches near and far.
  • To maintain healthy boundaries: i.e. not becoming obligated or limited as the fix-it guys who do all the labor tasks, not that we shouldn’t employ ourselves in labor where needed, but we must be wise not fall into the pit falls that can undermine the Kingdom of God ministry that this needs to be.
  • To either facilitate or properly re-direct the care of individual needs.
  • To find out how to cross the bridge into Kingdom of God, and bring back the fruit of the land and show others how to do it themselves.
  • To assist each other in developing, encouraging and allowing to venue our different ministries for both constructive criticism and or/ potential involvement.

Contact us

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  • +1-818-709‑8532
  • 19503 Busi­ness Cen­ter Dr. North­ridge, CA 91324