LFCC Ministries

Serve, Grow, Bless and be blessed through our Ministries.


LIFE Groups is where we come together as members of the Body of Christ. Unity is a primary focus. It’s a fun and relaxed time of fellowship.

  • Leader: Joel & Cara Vaughn
  • Location: Various Homes
  • Time: See Schedule


Sozo ministry is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry aimed to get to the root of things hindering your personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. With a healed connection, you can walk in the destiny to which you have been called.

  • Leader: Joel & Cara Vaughn
  • Location: Various Homes
  • Time: TBA


A fresh way of bringing the Love of Christ into our Community

  • Leader: Justin Booker
  • Location: Various Locations
  • Time: TBA


Food, shelter, protection, education ….. Love in action. 


  • Leader: Paul & Sheila Cathers
  • Location: Various Countries
  • Time: TBA

Women's Ministry

There’s talk that some of the men plan to put mops on their heads and wear dresses just to get into the women’s meetings because the food is so good. But aside from that, there is some powerful prayer and character building that is going on every time the women get together. Women who love Jesus, don’t waste their time on just a social gathering.

  • Leader: Zha Zha Ewing
  • Location: LFCC & Homes
  • Time: TBD

MEN's Ministry


  • Leader: Michael Stone
  • Location: LFCC & Homes
  • Time: See Calendar


Is there life after High School?  More importantly, who am I? What is my real identity and how do I express it without apprehension?

Obviously the first step is to know the Truth (Jesus) who makes you free. When you are rooted and grounded in the Truth, you are better able to express you truly are without being confused by a culture that has not only strayed far from the truth, but intentionally twists it. 

This ministry strives to stay connected to the Truth and each other, in order to live honestly without compromising our belief in Christ while at the same time becoming a more effective presence in the world around us and making a positive difference.

  • Leader: Patrick Ewing
  • Location: LFCC & Homes
  • Time: TBD


RADIANT YOUTH exists to be a safe place for students to discover the voice of God, fall into friendship and learn about the kingdom of heaven. We are marked by the belief that Jesus is all we need. We believe God is speaking all the time, and that his word brings healing and restoration, all with the purpose of bringing his children into a passionate relationship with him.

  • Leader: K-Lynn Ward
  • Location: LFCC & Homes
  • Time: TBD


Destiny Kids

There’s no such thing as a Junior Holy Spirit, so we pray BIG!

Destiny Kids is not your a “drop-the-kids-here-so-mom and dad-can-worship-easier” type of Sunday School. We believe that Children’s ministry is exactly that: Ministry to Children.

When children are ministered to, prayed for, and built up, they’ll grow up to be spiritually peaceful, healthy, strong individuals who will then build up others in love and faith.

Destiny Kids stay in service during worship and are dismissed at the end of worship (before the announcements and the message begin).

Also, if you are interested in becoming one of our children’s ministers or assisting as a helper, or if you have a gift or talent or something that you think might be a blessing to our kids, please contact Sarah Ward (

  • Leader: Sara Ward
  • eMail
  • Location: LFCC
  • Time: TBD


Nursery & Climbers

Ages Newborn--3 years

This ministry is for our littlest little lambs.

Parents are welcome to check their little ones in or stay in the nursery to nurse and/or comfort babies and/or help their toddlers to feel at ease.

Nursery is open at 9:45am

If you love to love and comfort babies and would like to be a blessing to the nursery team, please contact Yvonne Cruz (Link to Yvonnes email)

  • Leader: Yvonne Cruz
  • Location: LFCC
  • Time: TBD


The Courts of Honor

Seniors are commonly an overlooked treasure in our midst. This ministry is a fun, exciting and meaningful way to honor those who have gone before us and have a wealth of experience and wisdom to pass on to the rest of the Body. 

  • Leader: Keith Booker
  • Location: LFCC
  • Time: TBD


  • Welcome Table / Kiosk
  • Visitor Cards
  • Follow-up Phone Calls
  • Prayer Requests
  • Leader: Patrick Ewing & Bob Cathers Sr.
  • Location: LFCC
  • Time: TBD

Coffee Encounter

  • Great Coffee & a smile
  • Encouraging Scripture
  • Prayer Requests
  • More
  • Leader: Stephanie Rye
  • Location: LFCC
  • Time: Sunday Service 9am-Noon


For those who need one-on-one guidance from where they are at to where the Lord wants them to be. It’s time to let go of the false security the world has you cornered in. Its time to climb up to higher ground with Jesus!

  • Leader: Dianne Schwabe
  • Location: LFCC
  • Time: TBA


Details, details, details! We know we are not perfect, but we don’t let that stop us from pursuing excellence in handling the business side of church. We are constantly seeking and learning how to use new tools, while being good stewards of the resources we already have. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we facing new challenges all the time.

  • Leader: Deanna Harp & Carol Leader
  • Location: LFCC
  • Time: TBD


We are the ones behind the scenes who keep things running. If we are unnoticed by you it is because we are doing our job correctly so that you can focus your attention on the Lord and your fellowship within our local body.

  • Leader: Val Paniccia
  • Location: LFCC
  • Time: See Service Times

Prayer Team

9:00am Prayer Time Before Sunday Service

Join us in the back room and enhance you worship by discovering what the Spirit of God is saying before Service starts. 

  • Leader: Diane Schwabe
  • Location: LFCC
  • Time: TBA


We are dedicated to lifting up our Lord Jesus Christ. Join us as we enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise (Psalm 100:4). We 

  • Leader: Paul Cathers
  • Location: LFCC
  • Time: Sun, Wed, Events


We do our best to keep the sound levels away from distortion without losing the energy. Also, remember you can listen to our podcasts and watch archived videos on our Media page (click here).

  • Leader: TJ Cruz
  • Location: LFCC
  • Time: TBD


IT / Web Master

Visuals & Lighting

Image & Video Content

  • Leader: Jared Ewing & Michael Stone
  • Location: LFCC
  • Time: On Call



Guest Speakers

Special Events

  • Leader: Shiela Cathers & Michael Stone
  • Location: LFCC
  • Time: On Call


Paul & Sheila
  • Praying
  • Worshiping 
  • Preaching
  • Teaching
  • Prophesying
  • Pastoring
  • Overseeing
  • More Praying
  • Wash & Repeat
  • Leader: Paul & Shiela Cathers
  • Location: LFCC
  • Time: See Service Times