Prophetic Listening Workshop

Secrets of Hearing the Holy Spirit

Hearing Jesus For Others

Hearing accurately from God has been the single most element of every major and minor prophet of God. We who believe in Jesus Christ are all prophets when we simply deliver The Truth, both written and Living.

This Workshop is an on-going progression of taking you from where you are with your “spiritual ears” and developing your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s voice. You will be activated through a variety of “baby-step” exercises that are easy for any one to do. The environment is comfortable, fun and exciting as we yield ourselves to working with the Holy Spirit.

These are two part workshops:

    1. The first workshop is dedicated solely to “working out” and “exercising” our prophetic/spiritual senses. through activation exercises designed for group and individuals.
    2. The second part is geared more on teaching and impartation, with relevant videos on the prophetic in action, and Interactive discussion to aid in getting stirred up. 


Justin Booker has grown tremendously in his spiritual walk, both here and in Japan. Through the years, he has had many profound words from the Lord in a wide variety of experiences and encounters. Justin has a very non-offensive approach in how he works with the Holy Spirit to  open a positive spiritual dialog with others. His style of teaching is unique in how he is able to explain from personal experience, the real life mental struggle that we all have, and what he did to overcome them.

  • INSTRUCTOR: Justin Booker
  • TBD
  • COST: $0
  • Materials: $0