LIFEPATH Workshops

Discipleship from Salvation to Destiny


There are four major battles of the Christian walk. Most get only past the first. Some are getting past the second, and third. But the last and most fierce battle only a few are winning. 

Conquering these battles brings fulfillment to your life. There is much much more for your life in Christ besides Salvation (which is the first battle)

Battle 2: Do you know what the Spiritual Realm really is, or how to deal with spiritual warfare or strongholds? Are you able to help others?

Battle 3: Do you know your spiritual and motivational giftings? Do you know what Biblical church structure is? Do you know how to activate your angels? 

Battle 4: You have a destiny.  It’s time to find out what it is and start walking in it.


Michael Stone has been a Born-Again Christian for over 40 years. Through his personal journey over the decades, God has revealed to him a training program to help believers (new and old) find and stay on the path of LIFE that Jesus came to give us.

  • INSTRUCTOR: Michael Stone
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