Secrets of following the King

Mastering Money

Where many can counsel on wisdom for managing the financial circumstances that you re in, few can show you how to access the supernatural favor of God. It’s time for God’s people to move from out from under debt, lack and the poverty mindset. It’s time to begin walking in the abundant life that God not only desires, but came to give us. 

Collins Kalu has come through and out of financial lack and even oppression by applying the secrets of Heavenly Finances. He is in his own right a master at accessing financial provision from the Kingdom of Heaven, and has agreed to make available the secrets he has discoverd, and even mentor those who are willing to follow a path of obedience that will lead them to financial prosperity.

  • INSTRUCTOR: Collins Kalu
  • Saturdays, TBD
  • COST: $0
  • Materials: $0