Find The 'GOLD' within you and others

Financial Prosperity

Keys from practical experience.

Financial Propserity

Biblical Foundation for Supernatural Success

Learn the secrets of Financial prosperity from someone who has applied the process over and over for himself, his family and others. Now it’s your turn.


INSTRUCTOR:  Collins Kalu

Location:  LFCC

Prophetic Listening Workshop

Break Through the Limitations
with simple Exercises.

Prophetic Listening Workshop

Having an Ear to Hear

Words of Knowledge are for all Believers. 

In this Workshop we step into the Spiritual Gym and work on Strengthening our ability to hear in the Spirit.  


INSTRUCTOR:  Justin Booker

Location:  LFCC

Healing 101

How Jesus did it then -

How He does it now - Through you.

Healing 101

How Jesus did it then… and now – Through you.

Learn the simplicity of Healing from someone who has applied the process over and over for himself, his family and others. Now it’s your turn.


INSTRUCTOR:  Collins Kalu

Location:  LFCC



LIFEPATH Workshops

Are you walking in your Destiny? Do you know how to deal with spiritual warfare or strongholds? Do you know your spiritual and motivational giftings? Do you know what Biblical church structure is? Do you know how to activate your angels?

The Kingdom of Heaven is a Path we take when we walk with the King of kings.

Your life was not created to be ordinary. Put your Christian walk in alignment with God’s Kingdom.  


INSTRUCTOR:  Michael Stone

Location:  LFCC


Getting The Body of Christ in Shape

Body Training

Revelatory Parallels between the condition of the Body of Christ and how our physical bodies are designed. 

Learn How God designed our bodies, How the body processes food, stores fat and how it actually gets rid of it.. Learn how to work with the burn. Discover your Metabolic Rate and Find out how weight loss really works..  for you!


INSTRUCTOR:  Paul Cathers

Location:  LFCC

Worship God WITH DANCE​

Simple moves can allow Your Soul

to freely Express Your Love to God

Dancing with Flags and more

Simple moves can allow your souls to freely express your love to God.

All are welcome to learn  few simple moves and begin Enhancing your worship through this great means of expression. 

“You feel like you are releasing the wind of the Spirit. It’s so easy to do and it’s not a performance. It’s fun to watch, but your worship flows so so much more when you do it with flags.

 Just find me before Service and I’ll show how easy it is. And you can do it with me!


INSTRUCTOR:  Cara Vaughn

Location:  LFCC

Prophetic Painting

From the Spirit to the Canvas

Prophetic Painting

Release your creative expression.

During many services, Cheryl has captured what the Holy Spirit was releasing in the atmosphere of our Sunday Morning worship services. 

This is a fun opportunity to capture an image of what God is showing you through His spirit.


INSTRUCTOR:  Cheryl Elias

Location:  LFCC


And it shall come to pass afterward That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions.

Joel 2:28


We are the Dreamers of Dreams

The Holy Spirit is still in the business of communicating to us through dreams. But how do you know if  the dream is from Him or from a demon, or just your imagination sorting out your emotions from the day’s events?  Is God warning you of current or future events? Is He giving you wisdom of things that are happening in the supernatural realm?


Learn how to capture and process your dreams.  Share Your dreams and discover their meaning, whether they are ‘pizza’ dreams or prophetic, learn to discern the difference and their true meaning.


INSTRUCTOR:  Merlyn & Michael Stone

Location:  LFCC