Hey LFCC parents and kids! As you may have heard, we’re doing a Summer Reading Program through either The Case for Grace for Kids or The Case for Faith for Kids by Lee Strobel. At the end of the program, if your child completes the book, they get to go to Disneyland!  This will be an amazing opportunity for our children’s church kids to grow spiritually, learn about science, and have fun while growing close to one another! In order to achieve this, your children will get sponsors that will donate to their trip for each chapter that they read.

Beginning Saturday August 18th we’ll be heading to Disneyland to participate in the Disney Youth Education Series (part of our day in the park will consist of the Disneyland Education staff teaching us about the physics and science of waves and motion in roller coasters. The rest of the day we will be enjoying Disneyland together). The cost will be $100 the children will be sponsored, but if parents would also like to attend, they are welcome to. They can most likely purchase a ticket at the discounted rate (please talk to Sheila or Sarah).

Please sign up below if you would like your child to attend the trip, or if you would like to become a sponsor. Sponsors, we thank you greatly! We can’t do this without you!

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